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For a detailed description of our company structure, membership types and of laws governing membership and directorship of God’s Way limited please refer to the links below.

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God’s Way Constitution – Sections

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God’s Way Constitution – Sections


God’s Way Current Membership & Governance

Founding Members


AJ Miller & Mary Luck

AJ & Mary have provided crucial input to us in the establishment of a clear vision and operational structure for God’s Way. They continue to assist all members, directors and volunteers in the development of leadership qualities in harmony with love, truth, and morality. These leadership qualities are crucial for us to learn if God’s Way is to grow and thrive as an organisation.




Catherine Spence (14 September 2016 – present)



Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins (14 September 2016 – present)



Mary Luck (13th January 2017 – present)


For a full description of each current Director’s relevant experience and expertise please refer to the table below.


Additional Members

Besides the founding members and directors, we are pleased to welcome all additional members. In order to become a member a person must demonstrate through their decisions and actions that they share God’s Way’s vision and wish to support its mission. Additionally, they must have volunteered directly for God’s Way or Divine Truth for a period of at least 6 months.


Tristan Miller – Succession Member (14 September 2016 – present)


Version 4

Elena Shakanova – Succession Member (14th March 2017 – present)


Barbara McNair – Succession Member (24th August 2017 – present)



Kate Eckersall – Probation Member (January 2018 – present)



David Walsh – Probation Member (22nd September 2017 – present)


For a full description of each member’s relevant experience and expertise please refer to the table below.


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