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For Tender – 4 x Refrigerated Containers
God’s Way Ltd has 4 x used refrigerated high cube containers up for tender.
*** Containers have been sold.
If you would like to place a tender please contact the directors (via Eloisa) via email or mobile phone.
We would like the containers removed as soon as possible.
Successful applicant/s will be contacted a few days after a tender is made.
The container/s will need to be removed promptly at the applicants expense from the God’s Way Ltd Cushnie Environmental Learning Centre.
Feel free to pass this information on to anyone you know who might be interested.
Container Details
Container measurements: 12.19m long x 2.44m wide x 2.89m high.
All containers are the decommissioned refrigerated variety.
All containers are high cube, which means they are taller than standard containers (see measurement above).
Outside surface condition of all containers, a few areas of rust and they need a scrub on the outside to clean them.
2 x containers have been thoroughly cleaned inside and are in a tidy condition. These containers have a slight musty smell due to the lack of ventilation in the containers.
1 x container has been thoroughly cleaned inside and is in a tidy condition. It has some condensation inside which indicates that there is a leak in the roof that will require repair. This container also has some rusty areas around the door and on the roof.
1 x container will need to be cleaned inside. A small portion of the rubber seal is missing on one door, so the container is not completely sealed.
Tenders can be placed for one or multiple containers.
Container removal is at the expense of the successful applicant and will need to occur promptly after tender closes.
If this notice is still up, it means one or more of the containers are still available.
For more information or to arrange a time to view the containers, contact Eloisa.
Contact details
contact name: Eloisa
Mobile phone
mobile: 0434 112 585
Please include the following details in any email enquiry
your name
Phone number
How many containers you would like to tender for
Tender amount
Date you will collect and remove the containers, if you are the successful applicant

Container front & side view.

Container side view.

Container (some condensation inside this container).

Inside one of the refrigerated containers.
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Gift – Rose Bushes *** No longer available
God’s Way Ltd Function Centre caretakers property residence is under going renovation and the garden is being re-landscaped.
There are six rose bushes that the directors want removed from the garden (see photos). The rose bushes are being gifted to anyone who would like to dig them up and remove them.
If you would like to remove and transplant the roses in your own garden or remove them for someone else contact the directors (Mary, Catherine or Eloisa) via email or mobile phone.
This is a job that we would like to be done as soon as possible as earth works begin in the second week of February 2020.
If this notice is still up, it means the roses are still available for collection.
Contact details
contact name: Eloisa, Catherine or Mary
Mobile phone
Eloisa: 0434 112 585
Catherine: 0428 386 861

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