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God’s Way Policies, Terms and Conditions
Company Details
Company Name: God’s Way Ltd

Australian Company No. (ACN): 613 977 567Australian Business No. (ABN): 30 613 977 567

Trading Address:

98 O’Dea Road
Kingaroy QLD 4610

General Email: office@godsway.net

Company Description

God’s Way Ltd is a non-profit Australian based company limited by guarantee that has been in operation since 2016. Its primary business function is to provide free truthful scientifically validated pure & practically applied research & education worldwide.

God’s Way Ltd was created for the purpose of maintaining the costs and expenses associated with; providing scientifically validated pure and practical applied research in all manner of areas to all humanity; providing education to people who are interested in the principles of Divine Truth; the free distribution of the findings of the research; the free distribution of God’s Way Ltd materials, including videos, audios, documents, and e-books, and; setting up this website and other business activities required to meet the objectives of providing free truthful scientifically validated pure & practically applied research & education worldwide.

God’s Way Ltd survives financially by receiving gifts or donations from generous and thankful people who appreciate the materials and services provided. The company is not a charity or religion, and so therefore gifts or donations to God’s Way Ltd are not tax deductible.

Intellectual Property

All materials, including but not limited to videos, audios, documents, e-books, and event materials provided by the God’s Way organization are the intellectual property of God’s Way organization. God’s Way Ltd provide these materials via the God’s Way website and other electronic means to any person world-wide who wishes to freely distribute these materials for any purpose.

The God’s Way organization  does not agree with any attempt by a third party to benefit financially from their free distribution of this material, to claim copyright over the material, to claim ownership or authorship of the material, to modify the material without their consent, or to restrict the free distribution of the material.

Policies, Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

The following policies determine our Terms & Conditions for;

  • The provision of all of our free products and services (Provision Policy)
  • How we use the unsolicited financial support we receive (Receipts Policy)
  • The circumstances under which we shall return funds given to us (Returns Policy), and
  • How we deliver the free products and services we offer (Dispatch and Delivery Policy)

To summarize God’s Way organisations terms & conditions (described in detail below) in simple language:

  • We provide all of our products and services for free.
  • We receive unsolicited donations to support all of our activities, products and services including providing for company and event expenses.
  • We are openly transparent with our financial records which we place on our website annually.
  • Donations are generally non-refundable. We may return donations at our discretion. We will refuse to accept donations under specific circumstances.
  • Since volunteers handle the provision of most of our products and services, and since all of our products and services are available for free, the delivery of any product or service is at the discretion of management.

Provision Policy

All services and products provided by God’s Way Ltd, and any other person who appears on this website are provided for free, and freely downloadable from this website, Google, YouTube, and other sources including God’s  & Divine Truth servers. No donations are solicited or required for the use of these products and services, or required for the attendance to any God’s Way event.

The provision of some services require the sending of devices to God’s Way Ltd in order for us to copy digital data onto those devices. The purchase of those devices and the return postage remains the responsibility of the person making the request for the service, or, are under the discretion of God’s Way Ltd management.

Receipts Policy

All donations received from individuals or organizations by the God’s Way organization will be used for the purpose of providing all services and products free of charge, including, but not limited to, the;

  • Preparation and presentation of God’s Way organisation events such as programmes, projects, seminars, workshops, book groups, question & answer discussions, assistance groups and media appearances
  • Recording, editing, production and free physical and electronic world-wide distribution of videos, audios, documents, books, e-books which provide education including spiritual education and services
  • Purchase, development and maintenance of property, buildings, machinery, tools, electronic and computer equipment, and software that supports the provision of free education and services
  • Expenses involved with the provision of these services worldwide which includes travel, accommodation and meals required by the directors of God’s Way Ltd, volunteers and any person who travels with them at their request, and the hiring of equipment and venues in order to present the events
  • Expenses involved in answering questions sent by viewers and readers of God’s Way Ltd material, including the maintenance of email accounts, domains, websites, a recording studio, video recording equipment, audio recording equipment, production and ancillary equipment
  • Costs and expenses of experimenting with the principles of Divine Truth in practical situations e.g. including but not limited to: human relationship programmes, environmental regeneration programmes, food production programmes, technology programmes and so forth
  • Support of the expenses of any person volunteering to help provide any of the above free services at the discretion of God’s Way Ltd management
  • Covering any other expense or requirement deemed by the Directors of the God’s Way Ltd as important for the delivery of free truthful scientifically validated pure & practically applied research & education worldwide.

Returns Policy

Since all services and products are provided free-of-charge, and no donations are solicited from any individual or organization, any donation that is provided for any purpose to the God’s Way organization is NOT REFUNDABLE. If you believe that you may not be happy with the way the Directors of the organization may use your donated funds, now or in the future, we ask that you do not donate.

The Directors of the God’s Way organization will refuse donation(s) known by the Directors to be provided by people or organizations who;

  • Have obtained the funds illegally or from criminal activities
  • Have a demand that the funds be used for purposes that are not in harmony with Divine Truth teachings and the God’s Way organization Constitution.
  • Have a requirement that personal demands or issues be responded to
  • Have any other reason for donating that the Directors believe are out of harmony with Love or Truth

Dispatch & Delivery Policy

All of our products and services are available for free, and delivery is managed by volunteers. Delivery of all products and services that are not automatically delivered using our internet services (website, Youtube, Google, Amazon buckets, or hard disk synchronization services) depends upon the time and resources that are available to us at the time a request is received.

Requests for free services that involve our purchasing computer or electronics hardware, placing digital information on those devices, and then delivering those devices and digital information to the person making the request will be responded to at the discretion of management and convenience of our volunteers, and depend upon whether we have the funds to support those requests. If we do not have the funds or time to support the request, or management has decided to not respond to the request for a specific reason, then this will be explained to the person making the request.

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