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Activity Report: Work Period Beginning May 20, 2019

All members and volunteers available were included in the work week. Activities this week included: Video and Audio Production Training in the Divine Truth office and studio Cleaning accommodation that was used for Volunteer Selection Programme participants Continued renovation work…

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Volunteer Selection Project: Week 3, May 2019

The third God’s Way Ltd Volunteer Selection Project was completed on Friday 10th May. The organisation welcomes 5 new volunteers, and one new member. The participants were delightful in their enthusiasm and excitement at completing the project and God’s Way…

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Volunteer Selection Project: Week 1, April 2019

The third Volunteer Selection Project commenced on the 8th April 2019. Background information The Volunteer Selection Programme was the idea & design of  Jesus (Alan John Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) (the mentors of the programme). Jesus and Mary…

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Update: December 2018

Hi Everyone! It has been a busy few months in God’s Way organisation since the last update. With a new year almost upon us it is a good opportunity to review some (not all) of the projects and events that…

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Project Introduction: Terrace Project

Hi, My name is Pete Lytton-Hitchins and I am a volunteer within the Eco System Recovery Programme of the God’s Way Environment Branch. The Environment Team has recently commenced a new project within the Eco System Recovery Programme called the…

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The Structure of God’s Way Limited

This post will explain the structure of the God’s Way organisation and introduce a new way of using the website to find out about activities and projects that are underway.

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Volunteer Selection Project: Day 7, Environment Learning Centre Working Bee

Welcome to the God’s Way Volunteer Selection Project update. In this post you will find information on the Environment Learning Centre road and swale maintenance  working bee. This post contains: Introduction to the working bee Background information about the swales…

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Eco System Recovery

Programme Description God cleverly designs his creations with the ability to recover from degradation and return, not only to their original state, but beyond this into an improved condition. Due to the emotions, intentions and actions of humans in opposition…

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The organisation is made up of a variety of Branches, each focused upon a particular field of human endeavour, enquiry or experience.

Programmes within each Branch break down the field of interest into more specific topics.

Projects are the practical tasks and activities carried out within each Programme…

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Update: February 2018

Hi Everyone! This is a brief update of what has been happening with God’s Way over the past months.

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