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Participation in God’s Way Ltd Activities

Last updated: 10th May, 2023

Currently God’s Way Ltd holds regular activity days scheduled on certain weekdays throughout the month and on at least two Saturday’s per month. These are held in Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia and are open to people who meet the requirements listed below.

Participants on these days have the opportunity to gain experience in an organisation with unique aims and to receive feedback on how their current attitudes, emotions and aspirations are in or out of harmony with God’s Love and Laws.

It is expected that participants have listened to Divine Truth teachings and have a sincere desire to uphold the principles taught by Jesus and Mary during their day to day lives and while they are in attendance in any God’s Way Ltd events.

Please note that participants are not deemed to be formal volunteers for the God’s Way organisation.

Individuals may attend on a probationary basis for a period of up to 6 months. After this period an individual can express their desire to become a volunteer.

Acceptance of a volunteer is at the discretion of the company directors and is dependent on the attitude and desire of the individual to bring their life into harmony with Love/God’s Way.

At the end of the first 6 month period of regular attendance, if participants do not meet the requirements of a formal volunteer they will not be able to attend further participant days and can reapply after a 6 month period.

Notice of activity days are posted as blog posts. If you wish to be informed of activity days please subscribe to the blog section of this website.

Prerequisites for Participation

God’s Way Ltd holds regular Activity Days which are open to people who meet the following requirements:

Personal Qualities

  • a strong desire to contribute to the aims of the God’s Way Ltd organisation, as outlined in the company constitution
  • a strong desire to assist in the productivity and efficiency of God’s Way Ltd projects
  • a desire for a personal relationship with God

In addition, the following must be provided to a God’s Way Ltd manager before participation in any activity:

  • Company Constitution
    Participants must have read the God’s Way Ltd company constitution before attendance
  • Gift Deed (scroll to the end of this page for a download of the Gift Deed)
    A copy of the gift deed must be downloaded, signed and witnessed. The original copy to be provided to God’s Way Ltd.
  • Participant Deed (scroll to the end of this page for a download of the Participant Deed)
    A copy of the participant deed must be downloaded, signed and witnessed. The original copy to be provided to God’s Way Ltd.
  • Proof of identity
    Photo ID (passport or a current drivers licence) must be presented to a God’s Way manager on first attendance and a photocopy of this ID must be handed in

Safety Requirements

  • Current White Card Australia certification
    (A grace period is extended to current regular participants, you have until 01 July to acquire this certificate)
  • You may be required to obtain further safety certificates if you are involved with machinery, this will be discussed with you if relevant.

Suggested additions:

  • Blue card working with children in QLD
  • First aid certificate

A note on safety:

We take safety seriously. You will be given instructions for tasks you undertake, including safety considerations to observe. If you ignore safety practices you will be sent home.

Probation Status & Feedback
Please note, participation is on a probationary basis and you will need to display certain attitudes and desires in order to become a formal or full time volunteer.

All members, volunteers and participants in God’s Way Ltd are given regular feedback on their attitudes and emotions, especially in relation to how their attitudes are in or out of harmony with God’s Way, God’s Laws and God’s Love.

Children at Activity Days
Children who attend activity days are the sole responsibility for parents or guardians. More information is contained in Participant Deed.

God’s Way requires participants to be modest about their physical abilities and limitations.

We define modesty as taking a loving attitude towards ourselves and being responsible for knowing, communicating and working within personal physical capabilities.

As a participant it is your responsibility to take rests as required, not agree to complete tasks which are beyond your capabilities, and to communicate with managers if you have a physical limitation, accident or injury.

Deeds & Forms

These deeds and forms need to be read, printed, signed, and witnessed. Please scan them and send them to, and bring the originals with you on the first day of the project.

God’s Way Gift Deed

God’s Way Participant Deed

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