Current & Proposed Projects for God’s Way Ltd.

Accommodation areas – to accommodate Educator, run presentations & workshops, use as the first Example School/Education area, hold events & education opportunities

Caretakers & Managers buildings

Car parking area

Container maintenance & refurbishment

Education Project

  • General Expenses for the project
  • Maintenance, replacing and updating Technical equipment, data storage & software
  • Planning, creating and generating programmes for Adult and Child Education
  • Technical Equipment – recording & data storage & technical software

Education in areas we need more skills

Environmental Rehabilitation of Roads & waterways

Environmental Projects

Food Project

Guest Pods added to existing house

Modifications to existing dwelling

Our hope is that in future we will receive enough donations that a stipend can be given to all permanent volunteers to cover their basic necessities.

We have lots more ideas, and these will be added as time and resources permit

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