Terms For Attendance At Events

Your Involvement In Events

Legal Notice

All events organized by God’s Way organization or where God’s Way Ltd Directors, Members, Volunteers are present, are free of any financial charge. In addition, all such events are audio and video recorded, and also often transcribed into documentation. If you do not wish to have your face, words, or presence recorded at such events for the public record, then please DO NOT attend the event. Please note that this website contains the terms for participating in any event that involves God’s Way organization. These terms are placed in the God’s Way Ltd documents “Participant Deed” & “Gift Deed”.

By attending any event you automatically agree to these terms, and you cannot ask for your comments, face or other details to be removed from the record of the event after the event has been completed, since by attending the event, you have automatically agreed to these terms. This reduces our editing work, and maintains the integrity and accuracy of the record of the event.

Use Of Information

Prior, during or after any event, any question that you ask God’s Way Ltd Directors, Members, Volunteers, and any personal involvement you have with them at the event may be recorded and presented to the public at some time in the future. By coming to the event, and by interacting with God’s Way organization and the people who run that organization, you automatically agree to the public use of the information as stated in the God’s Way Ltd “Participant Deed” & “Gift Deed”.

If you do not agree to the terms of the “Participant Deed” & “Gift Deed” then please DO NOT ATTEND the event.

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