Volunteer Selection: Participant Requirements

Below you will find a detailed list of requirements for participants

Documents you must complete and return

Participant Deed
Gift Deed
Participant Medical Form & Questionnaire

Safety & personal protective equipment requirements

Accident insurance
Ambulance cover
Safety training online
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Prerequisite reading

Programme Overview for Participants
Programme Objectives
Upholding Love and Truth

Prerequisite viewing

Can be found on the Divine Truth YouTube channel under the Training Playlist
Introduction to Environmental recovery Part 1 & 2 and Q&A
Introduction to Public speaking Part 1 & 2

Assignment tasks

Assignments, please read these before the first day of the project. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the assignments over the first two days.

Benefiting the world assignment
Research assignment

During week two of the selection programme you will be required to present and compile your research in a small group activity. In week three you will be asked to give a 15 minute presentation outlining progress on your personal benefiting the world assignment. During the 5 week volunteer selection project you will have other homework activities so we recommend starting work on both of your assignments before you arrive.

Reminders about removal

Details about our approach to the potential removal of participants throughout the project here (jump to link on other page).

What you need to do

1. Read all three of the prerequisite documents and view the videos
These documents and videos contain important information you need to read and understand before attending the project.

2. God’s Way Participant Deed & Gift Deed
Read, print, fill both deeds. Sign these in front of a witness, please initial the bottom of every page.

Before the due date listed in your Participant Requirements post both of your original deeds to:

Attention Secretary
God’s Way Ltd
PO Box 173
QLD 4608

Please note when you sign the deeds you are agreeing to God’s Way Ltd’s terms and conditions in the deeds. The deeds are legal binding documents that you are signing and  you need to read them very carefully and fully understand what you are agreeing to. We suggest that you get legal advice if you are uncertain about anything in the deeds.

We suggest you keep a scanned copy or a second original of the deeds for your personal records.

3. God’s Way Participant Medical Information & Questionnaire
If you have not already completed and sent us this form you are required to do so by the due date listed in your Participant Requirements email. Please also bring the original to give to us on the first day of the programme.

5. Accident insurance
Please send a scan or photo of the policy to office@godsway.net before the due date listed in your Participant Requirements email, as evidence you have completed this requirement.

6. Ambulance cover
If you are not a resident of Queensland it is compulsory to have ambulance cover. If you are a resident of QLD you are already covered.

7. Safety Training
Detailed information about the compulsory safety training can be found on the Important Announcements page at this link.
Read and understand the pdf titled: Learner Guide-Work Safely in the Construction Industry and complete the html quiz by downloading this zip file: VSP Work, Health & Safety Quiz.

Email a screen shot of the quiz with a 100% achievement result by the due date listed in your Participant Requirements email to: office@godsway.net

You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of the safety training and how to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on the first day of the programme and during the selection programme activities.

8. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
During the programme, you will be expected to engage in tasks that involve hard work both indoors and out.

There are specific PPE items required for the Selection Programme.

We prefer that you use items you currently own so before going out and buying new things we are happy to advise if items you already have will suffice, email us if you are unsure.

We ask that you bring the following protective equipment:

Sturdy work boots: Australian safety rated, AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 (or the equivalent standards in your country) work shoes/boots with steelcaps or equivalent such as composite toecap are required, as these provide the most protection against spades and pitchforks.

Safety glasses : Australian safety standard required. These need to be protective eye wear and not reading glasses or regular wear sunglasses. These can be purchased from most hardware stores.

Earmuffs or ear plugs: These need to be classified as ear protection, not for any other use (i.e. listening to music). Some activities involve loud machinery, participants may be in the vicinity of heavy machinery and power tools during the project. Ear protection can be purchased from most hardware stores

Hard hat: Australian safety standard required (AS/NZ1801). For use in the workplace to protect the head from injuries such as falling objects and others impacts to the head. The hard hat will be necessary for the prerequisite white card course.
Do not purchase the Allens training hardhat as it does not meet Australian Safety Standards.
These can be purchased from most hardware stores or work safety supplies stores.

High visibility retro reflective vest: Australian safety standard required. There are a variety of high visibility safety vests to choose from. You will need a light weight day time vest that has reflective strips on the front and back. It must be a high visibility colour (i.e. bright yellow) and has quick engage/release hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro). The vest is used during the project on work sites around vehicles, heavy machinery and loading docks of local businesses. These can be purchased from most hardware stores or work safety supplies stores.
Allens safety vests are not good quality do not purchase them.

Work gloves: These can either be trade work gloves or tough gardening gloves. We will be working outside with various mulching materials, moving rubbish and at times with mildly poisonous plant life and you will need to look after your hands. These can be purchased from most hardware stores.

Participants will be cleaning domestic spaces and may like to purchase rubber gloves also.

Dust Masks (P2 rated): Participants will be working with dusty materials such as cleaning dusty buildings, moving hard wood chip and cut duboisia. The dust from duboisia can cause pupil dilation and headaches. It also has been reported to cause a tipsy feeling with those who breathe it in. To limit this, we ask that you bring your own dust/respiratory mask.

The disposable P2 rated dusk masks from local hardware stores will do just fine.
Appropriate clothing for outside work in the heat, we suggest light long sleeve shirts, light long pants, sun hat etc. The second hand charity shops often have good quality clothing suitable for work. We suggest you wear sunscreen, even for short periods in the sun.

Safety for yourself and others is a high priority for Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations. Those without the required safety wear will not be allowed to engage in activities that require these items.

9. Reminder for people travelling from overseas or interstate
We would like to remind you that you may be asked to leave at any time during the project if we find that you don’t have the intentions and attitudes required of volunteers within Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations. (More information can be found in the document “Upholding Love and Truth”).

Participants are responsible for organising their transport to and from the Wilkesdale area and any costs incurred to participate in the selection programme. Participants will also be expected to demonstrate a loving and responsible attitude towards potential hosts and accommodation arranged for them by God’s Way Ltd.

We are looking for people who want to love (as defined by God’s Way), have the desire to become self-responsible and who wish to give gifts to the world by working with God’s Way and Divine Truth organisations (not to have God’s Way and Divine Truth work for you).

Please contact us via email at office@godsway.net if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in April. We hope organising all of the above requirements goes well.

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