Volunteer Selection: Important Announcements

Hello everyone,

This page contains some important information about your Volunteer Selection Programme commencing in April 2020.

We’ve provided details for you about the following:

  • Your potential removal from the Volunteer Selection Programme
  • Accommodation options now available (response needed from overseas and interstate participants)
  • Insurance requirements (compulsory for all participants)
  • Safety training (compulsory for all participants)

Potential Removals

Approximately two thirds of participants in this round of the programme will be joining us from overseas or interstate. We are excited to meet some of you for the first time or get to know others of you that we have only met briefly before. We know that for many of you coming a long distance means that you have had to outlay significant expenses to join us.

Because we appreciate the time and effort involved for you to come, we want to reiterate some important points about the procedure we follow in removing people from the project.

We want you to fully understand how and why we remove participants, and also to be prepared that, if you display an attacking or severely resistive attitude during the programme, that you may be removed – even if you have traveled a long way in order to participate.

The Volunteer Selection Programme operates to measure each participant’s desire to give gifts in harmony with God’s Principles (as outlined in the 2016 ‘Understanding God’s Loving Laws’ Assistance Groups) and the constitution of God’s Way Ltd.

Many people who haven’t had much personal contact with Jesus or Mary often believe that they already have this desire and an attitude in harmony with God’s Way of Love. However it is very common that, without the benefit of personal feedback, people don’t have a good assessment of their current soul condition.

As personal feedback commences from the first day of the Volunteer Selection Programme, many former participants have been surprised and confronted when issues they have previously been denying and avoiding are pointed out.

If participants demonstrate, through resistance, anger or attack of others, that they don’t want to deal with their soul based injuries in a humble manner then they are asked to leave the programme. In previous programmes we have removed 6-8 people (approx. one third) in the first five days of the project.

To qualify to be a volunteer you must have a desire to work through issues in a humble manner. Many believe that they are humble when in our opinion they are not. The programme assesses each participant’s sincere desire. This attitude, of wishing to bring oneself into harmony with God’s Way is essential for anyone wishing to volunteer for either organisation.

There are three potential outcomes for participants in the programme:

1. You attend and complete the entire course and become a regular volunteer
In order for this to happen you will need to respond sincerely to feedback you receive, and, the directors need to assess that your attitude is in harmony with God’s Way.
This means you will be welcome to become a regular volunteer for Divine Truth and/or God’s Way Ltd projects in future, and potentially become a member of God’s Way Ltd after 6 months of volunteering.

2. You attend and complete the course but are not yet accepted as a volunteer
In this case, you receive feedback and respond sincerely to that feedback. However by the end of the programme it is assessed that you still have some emotional issues preventing you being involved in both organisations at this time.

3. You commence the course but are removed at some point
Removal occurs when a person does not conform to the attitudes and behaviour outlined in the Upholding Love & Truth document or demonstrate that they have no desire to work through their emotional issues in harmony with God’s Principles.
Emotional resistance is one of the main impediments to the growth of God’s Way Ltd and thus it is vital that leaders of the organisation act to address it with participants (and existing volunteers) immediately.

If you are sincere, participating in the Volunteer Selection Programme will undoubtedly benefit you and you will complete the programme. However, each person must be prepared that they may be removed at the discretion of God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth directors.

Obviously more than one third of previous participants did believe that they were sincere when we assessed that they were not. This is something for you to consider in your arrangements.

Please only participate in the Volunteer Selection Programme if you are willing to accept these conditions.

A note about the nature of feedback:

The feedback given in the Volunteer Selection Programme is not the same as feedback and discussion with Jesus during a seminar. During Divine Truth seminars Jesus gifts his time to help a person to work through their soul based injuries and find their causes.

During the Volunteer Selection Programme the emphasis is on assessing whether or not the participant wishes to give gifts to others and the world.  Leaders of the Volunteer Selection identify and point out the issues to participants but they do not spend time to assist the person to identify the causes of their injuries etc.

It is understood that all participants have had the benefit of viewing or participating in Divine Truth seminars and that this material assists them to work through the causes of their soul based injuries in their own time.

We have designed the programme to allow participants ample time to deal with their emotional issues during the off weeks.


The Volunteer Selection Programme is held in Wilkesdale.  This is a quiet, farming area of rural Queensland. There are very few accommodation options available for people who don’t live locally.

Many of you who will be attending from overseas and interstate for this instance of the programme. Jesus and the directors of God’s Way Ltd got together to try to sort out what options are available for you.

Between current God’s Way Ltd members, and other local participants offering accommodation, we believe that we will be able to accommodate all of you.

This is what we can offer:

Basic accommodation in the local Wilkesdale area

The accommodation would range from share cabins, tents, eco tents to some basic housing.

Each person would have access to (shared with 1-3 others):

  • a flush toilet and bathroom
  • a kitchen, with fridge and cooktop

Most people would be required to bring a sleeping bag for bedding.

Twice weekly transport for local shopping

We can transport people to the nearest shopping centre in Kingaroy (36kms away) for groceries etc.

Those participants wishing to make use of this offer would need to arrive in the local area a few days before the commencement of the programme in order to be inducted into your specific accommodation and settle in.

We are able to collect people from local bus stops coming from Brisbane, in Wooroolin or Tingoora, if arriving within the allocated time frame.

Costs to cover our expenses for providing these facilities would range from $100 – $250 AUD per week, per person. Prices vary according to the type of accommodation provided. We are hiring some homes and this is why there is a higher cost for some accommodation.

If you would like to be accommodated, please let us know and confirm what you are able to pay ranging from $100 – $250 AUD per week.

You would be required to pay for your own food on top of the accommodation and travel costs.

We will assign you according to accommodation we feel you would be most suited to if you choose to use our arrangements. You can make your own arrangements if you wish to.


It is compulsory that each participant acquires:

  • personal accident insurance for the duration
  • Queensland ambulance cover for the duration of the event

Both the insurance and the ambulance cover must be obtained for the full period of the Volunteer Selection Programme.


Love and Truth guide all of the priorities of Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd. God’s Way sees providing a safe environment for participants as an act of love and ensures that activities, programmes and projects are delivered to a high safety standard.

Event facilitators ensure that all persons involved in any event uphold the principles and objectives of the God’s Way Ltd constitution  and that everyone observes all safety requirements and takes responsibility for their personal safety.

Event facilitators ensure that participants are briefed about safety in regards to each project task and/or activity and events are closely monitored to ensure that people follow the safety directions given to them.

There are times when unforeseen accidents, illnesses and emergency situations may occur during events and having personal accident insurance ensures participants are covered financially and can get necessary help if they need it.

Each participant must take personal responsibility for their safety and not expect God’s Way Ltd or Divine Truth to make allowances for or be responsible for poor safety decisions. Refer to the Participant Deed for the legal requirements of all participants.

Insurance Details

God’s Way Ltd does not endorse any particular insurance companies.

For your information, past participants have used the companies listed in this document.

The Volunteer Selection and Training team has contacted a number of insurance brokers while researching personal/worker/volunteer accident insurance and have found that different companies offer different rates and different covers over different time periods.

We found that worker and personal accident insurance varied in price from approximately $100 – $250 AUD depending on the conditions and personal requirements.

Ambulance Cover

Permanent Queensland residents are automatically covered for emergency pre-hospital ambulance treatment and transport Australia wide, they do not need to acquire ambulance cover.

If you are not a Queensland resident, in the event of an emergency if you do not have ambulance cover or medical insurance that includes ambulance cover, you will have to pay for it out of your personal funds.

If you already have private health insurance, or travel insurance it may include ambulance cover, please check your policy to find out exactly what it entails.

If you do not have ambulance cover you will need to organise it, we found cover that started from $40 AUD for a single person.

It is up to you to personally research and find a cover that meets your requirements.

More details about how to obtain ambulance cover can be here.

Things to Note

1. It is suggested that you use a reputable insurance broker and/or insurance company

2. Shop around for the cover that suits your needs best. Insurance companies have a range of insurance covers

3. If you are attending a Volunteer Selection Programme and are asked by an insurance broker if you are a volunteer, the answer is that you are a participant in a free training project, and are not yet a volunteer (the project is designed to assess and select potential volunteers)

4. If you are attending a Volunteer Selection Programme some of the activities you will be engaging are classified as hazardous by insurance companies, such as using ladders, outside gardening tools, physical labour etc. ensure the policy you choose covers these activities

5. Ensure that the cover you choose is for the entire period of the event you are participating in, including the start and end dates

6. For overseas and interstate participants we suggest purchasing insurance cover which includes Queensland Ambulance cover

When speaking to Insurance companies it is your responsibility to find out the following:

  • Be aware of everything in the policy, including the fine print before purchase
  • What the policy includes, activities and situations that are covered
  • What the policy does not include, activities and situations that are not covered
  • Does the policy cover ambulance services
  • Does the policy cover accidents, specifically what kinds
  • Does it cover serious trauma (capital benefit), temporary, and or permanent disability
  • Does it include death insurance
  • How much cover do you receive for each situation including those mentioned above
  • If you have an accident, the duration of time the policy covers for your recovery (weeks, months etc.)

Safety Training

To participate in the Volunteer Selection Programme, it is compulsory to complete some basic Work Health and Safety (WHS) training and to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before the programme begins. PPE can be purchased from your local hardware store.
A list of the PPE you will need during the programme can be found on the Participant Requirements page at this link.

God’s Way Ltd is trialing a new method of safety training for this round of the selection programme. The safety training we are using is based on an Australian recognised qualification called the ‘White Card’ or ‘CPCCOHS1001A – Work safely in the construction industry’. The training is conducted so that participants understand the principles of safety & all participants have the same reference for maintaining a safe working environment during the programme.

To complete the compulsory training participants need to read and understand the pdf titled: ‘Learner Guide-Work Safely in the Construction Industry’ and complete a html quiz. You can download the quiz via this zip file link, VSP Work, Health & Safety Quiz using the winrar, winzip or equilivant zip file down loading application or it can be emailed to participants at their request.

In previous Volunteer Selection Programmes participants have completed the Australian nationally recognized white card course. This year it is optional and participants can undertake the CPCCOHS1001A – Work safely in the construction industry (White Card) course through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) if they want to.

White card courses cost anywhere from $65-$180 and each RTO has their own application requirements, for example, some RTO’s do not take on international students.

The Australian legislation requirements to complete the white card course have changed over the last year. White card courses in Queensland now require students to complete the course face-to-face, which means you will have to complete the course in the RTO trainer’s presence. The course usually takes up to six hours and each RTO usually has dates set aside at their offices for this to occur.

If you choose to do the face to face white card course registered providers of the course have different requirements so please research this option carefully before you apply.

If you are a returning participant and have a valid white card (within 2 years of having taken the white card course), please read the learner guide and complete the quiz so that your safety knowledge is up to date.

Learner Guide-Work Safely in the Construction Industry and html quiz

The safety Learner Guide is sourced from the Abacus Training website at this link (thank you to Abacus training for publicly sharing this resource).

Learner Guide-Work Safely in the Construction Industry

The Work Safely in the Construction Industry html quiz can be downloaded via this zip file link: VSP Work, Health & Safety Quiz. You can then open and complete it offline using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. If you have any problems downloading the quiz, let us know via email at office@godsway.net.

To meet the safety training prerequisite requirements participants will read the safety training Learner Guide and need to complete the quiz with an achievement score of 100%.

The safety training takes approximately 6-10 hours to complete depending on your skill level (to read the learner guide and complete the quiz). It is important that you understand the principles of safety and what to do in emergency situations so you can apply your learning during the selection programme.

The training needs to be completed before the Volunteer Selection Programme begins, please send a screen shot of the final page of the quiz with the 100% achievement score via email to office@godsway.net before the 22nd March 2020 so we know you have completed it.

Safety training quiz information

  • The quiz takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Participants can refer to the safety Learner Guide to answer the quiz questions.
  • The safety quiz can be downloaded and then completed while your computer is offline.
  • The quiz can be taken as many times as required to gain a score of 100%.
  • The quiz must be completed in one sitting as it does not save and will reset each time it is taken. Restarting or ending the quiz part way through means participants will need to redo the entire quiz again.
  • One wrong answer in the quiz will lower the score and you will need to take the quiz again.
  • If you do not pass the quiz on the first attempt, it is recommended that participants read through the quiz at least once to familiarize themselves with the questions before they retake the quiz.
  • Once the quiz is completed with a score of a 100%, take a screenshot (an image file of what is occurring on your computer screen) showing the 100% achievement and email it to office@godsway.net.
  • Note: Do not restart or end the quiz before taking the screen shot, since the quiz does not save and you will have to complete the whole quiz again to take the screenshot of 100% achievement score.

If you need instructions on how to take a screen shot on your computer these can be found here via this link.

Overseas participants

Please read and complete the Learner Guide-Work Safely in the Construction Industry and html quiz VSP Work, Health & Safety Quiz.

Please email proof of 100% achievement score in the quiz via email to office@godsway.net by 22nd March 2020.

We would appreciate any feedback from overseas participants on any problems you encounter completing the safety training.

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